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T E C H N I C A L   S U P P O R T

A modern telecommunications system requires a substantial amount of management and support to remain efficient and continue to meet the needs of your company, regardless of how your business changes.

First, it is important to have a fully trained administrative person within your company that can manage the day-to-day tasks that come up, make minor programming changes and keep users well trained and productive.

Second, it is vital to have a relationship with your telecommunications vendor for ongoing support. It is a mistake to believe that once a telephone system is installed there is no need for ongoing support and maintenance activities. There are always changes to the system as your company's telecommunications needs change.

Additionally, if you do not have an established relationship and support plan with a vendor, your business is vulnerable in the event that your system begins having problems or stops working altogether. Remember, the vendor doesn't owe you if you do not have a valid support plan in place.

H&F Communications offers a full range of services to help you get the most out of your investment and help you maintain a well-functioning telecommunications system. In fact, H&F Communications can be your single-point-of-contact for all of your telecom needs.


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